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THE WEBSITE ("Website") "[Platform website -]" by definition is the URL address of the website, wherein the USERS ("YOU") will be able to browse, use and utilize the features of the website to register, login, post personal profiles/resumes and share the same information with employers on the website. The employers or companies will be able to post their job or vacancies requirements and also browser through the database of the potential job seekers.

The users can also share the information available on the website on social networking website like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and others. The website is owned and operated by Middle East Career [Company] referred to as "We" or "Us" and the users (Employers or Job Seekers) as "YOU".


MeCareer is a first of its kind organization offering a plethora of HR and Talent Management Consultancy services and solutions to Job Seekers and Employers.


The user ("YOU") can use, utilize and access the [] ("Website") subject to the Terms, Privacy and Disclaimer of the website. These Terms, Privacy and Disclaimer are changed / updated from time to time and at the discretion of the owners of the website and their company. This Agreement is for an indefinite terms and the user ("YOU") understand that you are bound by the Terms, Privacy and Disclaimer mentioned on this website till the time you access, use and utilize this website.


The owners and their company reserves the right to suspend/cancel/add or deletes a feature or service on the website make changes to the content at any given point of time without prior notice. And whenever such changes to the website are done and implemented such changes will be notified to the website users. The users ("YOU") continued access and use of the website after such changes will be deemed that you accept such changes to the website.


  • The contents you post on your profile page or documents related to your resume you upload on the website should not contain URL links or any copy protected information and that which you do no hold any copy rights.
  • You must make sure your document posted on the website does not impersonate any person living or dead, or that the documents are devoid of any false, inaccurate and misleading information.
  • You should not use your profile page or any document that you upload to promote, advertise any business, including but not limited to club membership, investment plans, multi level marketing, distribution or any affiliate marketing.
  • All resumes, profiles posted on the website must be on behalf of the person posting strictly adhering to the Terms, Privacy and Disclaimer of the website.
  • In the event if MeCareer finds any objectionable information on any profile or document that violate the Terms, Privacy and Disclaimer of the website, such account will be terminated permanently from the website without any prior notice.

    All copyrights trademarks including but not limited to domain name, source files, database, audios, videos, graphical images and logo of the website are the property of the owners of the website and protected under applicable laws. Any infringement by any individual or company within Middle East or elsewhere will be prosecuted and pursued by the owners of the company.


    Any website with many users accessing it concurrently and continuously with loads of information transmitting from within the website by users from across the world, it would be gargantuan task for the website administrators to track and monitor such information. Still the owners, web master and the administrator of the website will use all their resources to ensure that the website is neat and clean devoid of obscene and abusive content, objectionable religious material that hurts the sentiments of a group, religion, caste or creed in terms of the user generated content, such as text, images.

    But still if a user or users of the website find any such information, content, images, or any other material that is objectionable, they are advised to report the same to the website administrator immediately for appropriate action including deletion of such material from the website. The website, it owners or employees DO NOT take any responsibility or responsible for such obscene, abusive or objectionable material generated by users. You can write to us at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING


    The website may display third party advertisements in terms of contextual, image form or text display ads. The display of such ads of different products, services and solutions offered by the advertising companies in no way means that the website, its owners, stake holders or employees endorse such products, services or solutions. Any user or users who click on such ads navigate to other websites or even buy/purchase products and use them solely do on their choice, wish and responsibility only. The website will NOT take any responsibility for any mental or physical harm caused to the users resulting out of the use of such products, services or solutions of the advertisers.


    Though every effort will be made to keep the web hosting server up and running 24/7 with frequent maintenance carried out, and which will be intimated to the users with prior notice, the website, its owners or employees are in no way responsible or liable for website going off air, unavailability of the website on the browser or inaccessible to users.


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