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In today’s business world having a great human resources strategy is simply not enough. Organizations need to have their people and culture aligned to their business goals so real and consistent success can be achieved.

Middle East Career has specialist practice areas that have the experience and proprietary tools required to analyze, shape and develop your human resource and cultural strategy.

“training for Business activity “and “training for Business impact”

We have implemented both approaches expanding on the latter approach. Our training interventions are as per requirements to obtain the purgative driven, result-oriented and goes beyond identifying obvious Flows that cause the symptoms off failing to identify the root cause of problems

Interventions feature:

  • Detailed assessment of cause analysis and requirements.
  • Assessment of performance measures to be utilized to identify performance levels pre- and post-intervention.
  • Arrangement of systems needed for tracking the performance of training participants
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the training and provision of feedback to the client
  • Challenges facing your businesses, addressed by our training interventions:

  • Developing a Marketing team able to go beyond sales to understanding the client’s business requirements, developing customer focused strategies, and building and managing strategic client relationships.
  • Executive management skills to grow and expand the business (moving from the local to the international market).
  • Improved Client relationship and management skills.
  • Developing and retaining high-demand human resources.
  • Making strategic objectives a reality – “Executing” the strategic plan and linking it to the performance management system.
  • Our Corporate Training Plan

    is intendeds to provide the basics for a high quality and cost effective training program to develop all corporate Employees. It has been developed and enhanced to suit corporate employees in finding direction and achieving both personal and professional success implementing the following.


  • Specifies the responsibilities of all scientific, technical, and administrative personnel.
  • Provides information on training programs for all corporate departments.
  • Provides references for training and development programs.
  • Enhancing The Human Resource Plan to obtain a methodology for recruiting, retaining, and developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) of all personnel within the Company workforce.
  • Scope

  • Designing a plan to work as a tool in developing specialized training to meet any specific needs.
  • Adapting a training philosophy to develop more critical factors in attaining company’s vision to meet its objectives.
  • Guiding personnel can help the company achieve success on allowing key individuals to develop and sustain competence in all their challenges.
  • Ensure that a well-structured training program is an integral part of the way we do business.
  • Enabling us via communication to establish means for our client to maintain a broad business objective and prepare for market challenges.
  • Vitalize the client staff to stay on top of the market competition.
  • Increase self esteem to operational staff to reach the highest level of job satisfaction and individual potential.
  • Values

  • The core values for us are integrity, people, customer, excellence, and continuous improvement. Consistent with our core values are the following training values:
  • Continuous Learning is an ongoing personal and professional necessity.
  • Reaching a target through training that mutually benefits the individual and the organization.
  • Excelling through continuous training is an integral part of a successful career resulting in mastering each aspect of the job.
  • Ensuring that our client have on there staff the best crew to sail through today’s market with out being effected by any waves.
  • High-quality employees is the least we can provide to our esteemed clients, giving them the opportunity to receive training maximizes their ability to perform their assigned duties.
  • Goals

  • Provide world-class expertise and Training services for all sectors with in the organization.
  • Provide the clients with the best-trained personnel located in the market to guarantee the continuous success of the organization.
  • Provide all personnel an opportunity to receive training that will result in personal and professional growth.
  • Provide company members the necessary training to maintain proficiency in performing their duties now and in the future ensuring a prosperous outcome.
  • Objectives

  • Develop a strategy for ensuring that current and future training levels meet the short and long-term objectives of the Company.
  • Provide the maximum amount of training, within budget restrictions, to develop and maintain the highest standard of performance in Company's personnel.
  • Promote the continued evaluation and improvement of the Corporate Training Plan and the career development guides.
  • On completing the corporate training plan the personnel will have a manual guide at every stage of their career to help them to specify their path. The Corporate Training Plan is an umbrella document for the Company's Human Resources Plan, which deals with recruiting, retaining, and developing the company's work force.

    Middle East Career values all corporate personnel. Our goal is to have the best trained employees in all our client companies for together we can guarantee work perfection and a well established foundation for strategic employees.

    We believe we must be driven by the needs of our customers and we will be flexible, responsive business partners with them in pursuit of their strategic business objectives


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